New Zealanders value political freedom

New Zealand often does well in international rankings and it is no surprise that we should rank first in the world with regard to 'social progress'. New Zealanders are not afraid to face up to problems and look for solutions. We are a small, highly literate country with a stable political system. We value individuality, diversity and freedom of choice. We are blessed with a beautiful country. Of course, how we choose our head of state was not included in the ranking criteria used but we believe New Zealand can improve its democracy even more by transitioning to an independent head of state. We think it is only fair that New Zealanders have a say in who holds our highest public office and there are real benefits to updating how we do things.

No one is saying New Zealand is perfect. In terms of 'Health and Wellness' we ranked 35th. In 'Affordable Housing' we ranked 21st. In 'Ecosystem and Sustainability' we ranked 32nd. There is always room for improvement and while we can pat ourselves on the back we can't become complacent.

The improvement we are advocating is a New Zealander as head of State. We are not advocating wholesale change or radical reform. We simply say that a careful step-by-step process over several years can deliver a head of State more in keeping with contemporary New Zealand. Reforming our head of state would not be hard and we have set out a clear framework for how it can be achieved. You can read our policy statement on this website. If you want to help the campaign you can donate at or you visit our donations page New Zealand is a capable country and we are not afraid to embrace change.