New Zealand Republic 2015

2014 has been a big year for the movement. A change of name, a new executive and a renewed sense of what it is we need to do to deliver. We are now even more focused on promoting a fair and effective referendum process and a better Head of State for New Zealand.

Our blueprint for change and our proposals for improving the way New Zealand chooses its Head of State are practical, well-thought out solutions to the problems inherent in having an unelected and ineffective Head of State.

New Zealanders deserve better and we intend to deliver a better and fairer way of doing things. If you are not already a member then join us today and help make 2015 even more successful than 2014.

Happy New Year everyone. The year ahead will see us closer to achieving our goals - A Head of State who represents all New Zealanders, a New Zealand republic we can all be proud of.