The 4th of July: Creating a uniquely Kiwi republic

It has been almost 175 years since the signing of the Treaty and New Zealand is almost independent. The last step is reforming the office of Governor-General and creating a head of state who represents us all. That is what the campaign for a Kiwi head of state is all about.

The word republic means different things to different people and in its simplest form it means not having an hereditary head of state. Yet our campaign is about far more than that. Here in New Zealand, campaigning for a parliamentary republic means a renewed commitment to notions of democratic equality and fairness; to those principles that sit above and beyond party politics. A kiwi head of state is about recognising diversity and building a society that is inclusive. It is about public service and the greater good.

We are proposing a democratically selected head of state who can serve the needs of New Zealand and all New Zealanders.

Looking to other countries to learn from their successes and their mistakes is an important part of creating a uniquely New Zealand republic.  Achieving our own head of state will see us become a parliamentary republic similar to liberal democracies like Finland, Ireland and Iceland. There is no suggestion that New Zealand would adopt a presidential system like the one used in the United States.

As with any process of reform New Zealand needs to keep what is working and replace what isn't.  Our blueprint for change is about slow but steady progress toward this important goal. If you want to be part of creating a better New Zealand then join the campaign for a Kiwi head of state.  The more of us there are the faster it will happen.