We need 300 000 more New Zealanders

Election time is here and it is a good opportunity to spread the news that a New Zealand head of state is the better option for all New Zealanders.

Two polls in a row have shown that 1.34 million kiwis already want a Kiwi head of state but there are around 3.04 million people enrolled to vote in New Zealand.

To comfortably win a referendum on a head of state we need another  300 000 voters to support the cause. That means a long term campaign to get our message out and make sure that each and every voter understands why a New Zealand republic will be an improvement.  

We also need to remember that support for change is highest among younger voters and that younger voters are less likely to vote. Victory in a referendum will mean convincing people to to get out and actively vote for change. Voter turn-out in the referendum will be crucial.

Our goal is simple. We want a referendum and we want to win that referendum. The Greens and Labour support a referendum. National supports a flag referendum instead. Whatever party you support, whatever other views you have you can do your part by asking your local election candidates to say what their view is. 

Stand up at public meetings and ask whether they support a NZ head of state. Submit your questions to the candidates and take the opportunity an election presents to ask the leading candidates in your area what they think. 

Health, housing, political tactics, inequality, and education will always dominate any election campaign but we can all do our part to promote a New Zealand Republic and a New Zealand head of State. A referendum is still some years away. All the more reason to start spreading the word now!