Latest Poll: Majority of New Zealanders support change

Our latest poll is proof that our campaign is working. When asked what their preference was for New Zealand's next Head of State, only 34% of respondants wanted the next British Monarch. 44% wanted a directly elected Kiwi and 15% wanted a NZer chosen by a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

59% of New Zealanders can see that having a New Zealander in the role makes far more sense.

We have been polling the same question since March 2014 and 16 months ago we reached 47%. Since then we have seen two royal visits, the Brexit vote, the flag debate, the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics. Through out that time our message has been clear and consistent. Only a New Zealander can be New Zealand's Head of State and the best way to achieve that is take the position of Governor-General and turn it into the Head of State. 

Recently the Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae made it clear that he too thought it was inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic.

We still have a lot more people to convince to achieve that goal and we plan to carry on promoting our aims and working towards what is best for all New Zealanders.