Latest Poll Results: Majority want a Kiwi Head of State

This month's royal wedding has not dented republic support. The majority still want a New Zealander as Head of State. 

The latest Curia poll results show support for the next Head of State to be a New Zealander is still in the majority, at  56% (56.86). 17 to 18 percentage points clear of support for the British Monarch 39% (38.55%). The undecided voters has shrunk to 5% (4.68%) .  The poll had a margin of error of 3.2%.  

The poll was carried out in the buildup to last week's royal wedding, with 939 respondents surveyed.  Support is in the majority across all age groups except the 61+ age group (sitting at 49%). Young people in particular support a New Zealander as head of state, with 18 - 30 year age group supporting the transition by a margin of 3 to 1 (73%).

This is the fifth time New Zealand republic has carried out this same poll, and the continually upward trend in support for improving the Head of State is encouraging given the amount of media coverage the royal wedding had during this poll.

The majority of Kiwis understand that watching royal celebrity events and wanting an New Zealander as head of State are not mutually exclusive. You are allowed to do both. It is a myth that popular younger royals are somehow reversing the inevitable trend toward a republic.

It is clear the British Monarchy is preparing for the end of Elizabeth's reign. So should New Zealand. The role of Governor-General is ready to be transitioned into being our Head of State.