Media Release: Britain’s royals fail yet again to promote NZ trade

Britain’s royals fail yet again to promote NZ trade

"Prince Charles is to act as a trade emissary on instruction from the British government. New Zealand needs a head of state who will represent our interests overseas without any conflicts of interest," said Lewis Holden, campaign chair of New Zealand Republic.

According to British tabloid The Express, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is seeking to use members of the British Royal family to represent Britain's interests overseas. By accepting this role, Britain’s Royals are clearly indicating to us that representing Britain is more important than New Zealand, despite their titular role in New Zealand.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Tobias Ellwood recently said that "[t]he monarch does an incredible job promoting ‘brand Britain’"

"He's correct. The Royals exist to promote 'brand Britain', not 'brand New Zealand'" added Mr Holden.

"It's clear New Zealand needs a head of state of its own, to represent our interests. Prince Charles is on record supporting European Union farming subsidies which are clearly not in our exporters' interests. He has also indicated he’s not opposed to New Zealand having its own “completely independent” head of state, so let's get on and do it" concluded Mr Holden.


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