UK: 62% of Labour members support a republic

A recent poll of 1,100 UK Labour Party members has found 62% want Britain to become a republic. If that did happen, it would leave New Zealand (and the other 15 remaining Commonwealth countries where the British monarch is head of state) in a bit of a predicament. This is because legally, the British monarch is King or Queen of New Zealand.

The Queen has been drawn into the Brexit malaise, underlying the fact that the Monarchy is not a constitutional check as its proponents often claim it is. In addition, David Cameron’s recent autobiography of his time as Prime Minister has revealed the Queen was asked by Cameron to intervene in the Scottish independence referendum, leading to the Queen stating that the people of Scotland should “think carefully about the future.”

These two revelations appear to have undermined the monarchy in the eyes of UK Labour Party supporters, resulting in almost two-thirds of members wanting to abolish the monarchy. Interesting times ahead!