Building a bigger campaign

Two years ago, members, supporters and would-be supporters alike were wanting to see more detail. People wanted to know how change would happen and what type of republic would work best in New Zealand. It was the start of an increasing need to see change sooner rather than later.

The campaign policy statement available on this website is now central to the widening debate over having a fair and  independent head of state.  It is a clear, alternative vision for a New Zealand republic. A clear plan of what is best for our future as a democracy. 

The priority now is people. The more members of the campaign there are, the more people who donate and give their time to help the cause, the wider the debate will become.  When people hear the reform plans they can see the sense in them. When the myths and misunderstandings about how our current head of state are addressed people are no longer reluctant to let go.

There are still plenty of people demanding to know what the campaign stands for and how the reforms will be achieved. Join the campaign and help spread the message that an independent head of state is best for New Zealand. Invite the people you know to join as well. The more of us working together for change the sooner it will happen.

Make a donation today. Join or renew your membership today at our Membership page.