Campaign Take off! Our sky banner over Auckland today

New Zealand Republic's long term Campaign for a Kiwi Head of State starts today and what better way to kick it off with some high profile advertising in the skies above Auckland.

We've hired a sky banner to proclaim the central message of our campaign and it will be out flying over the city today. Keep your eye on the sky (and send us your photographs and video footage!) Media are already taking an interest and you can hear our campaign chair, Savage, discussing the plans on Morning Report.

The sky banner is there for Aucklanders to see our message. In a city as diverse as Auckland we know that there are plenty of people who understand its time for an independent head of state.

The donations have been coming in but we want to keep the plane flying so please give what you can and be part of the campaign. The more donations received the more times we can fly the banner and the more cities we can visit. If you want to see the plane flying over your city then send us your donation today.

This year we will be getting out and spreading the message loud and clear. Time for a better head of state!