Head of State debate widens further

A republic with our own head of state has to happen but this campaign is about it happening sooner rather than later and we are not the only people saying it.

The contradictions inherent in how we choose our head of state have to be resolved and the right of Kiwis to participate in nominating and selecting the office-holder cannot be ignored . Our democratic system is based on fairness and democracy and our head of state must embody those principles. 

The office of head of state is falling short of its potential and no longer serves our needs.

Younger New Zealanders overwhelmingly want it to happen and the ethnic and religious diversity now  evident across New Zealand makes the current arrangements look even more out of date.  Five of the other 16 Commonwealth realms are making similar moves and today the UK's republic campaign opens yet another new branch in Birmingham. There is a clear shift away from hereditary head of states. We are on the road to a New Zealand republic.

Here the debate is widening. Newstalk ZB host Rachel Smalley has called for us to get on with it. Campaign Chair, Savage, writes that 'now is the hour' in today's NZ Herald and  last week Herald columnist Brian Rudman pointed to our poll to promote the need for change.  The weekend saw commentator Morgan Godfery writing in the Herald on Sunday that 'the monarchy has lost its meaning'  and appearing on the Sunday Morning show on Radio New Zealand to discuss the need for reform.

Yes, change is inevitable but only because republic supporters are pushing for it. Be part of making it happen. Join the campaign for a New Zealand head of state today.