Press Release: Republic campaigners positive after royal visit

"Campaigners for a New Zealand Head of State are feeling inspired after ten days of royal events" says NZ Republic Chair, Savage. "We have a long term vision for improving democracy in New Zealand and this royal visit was an important step toward realising that vision." 

"Nothing gets Kiwis talking about the pros and cons of having an overseas Head of State more than a royal visit, and it was gratifying to hear so many people joining in the debate in the news media, on talk back, in letters to the editor, via online forums and amongst their family and friends."

"As a nation we have to talk about this issue and make up our minds. As a group we are confident that once people read our policy statement and our plans for a two stage referendum process they will see the sense in changing to a democratically selected head of state."

"It was Kate's first ever trip to New Zealand and thousands of people lined up to catch a glimpse of her. To us that is just part of life in New Zealand. We expect such visits to still occur even after we change to having our own head of state. Royal watchers will still be able to enjoy the excitment of seeing two world famous Royals."

"We are simply campaigning so that people with the mana of Sir Jerry Mateparae or Dame Silvia Cartwright can become our head of state rather than just a representative of the head of State.  We would like to see the British head of state and a Kiwi head of state standing side by side as equals.  Two representatives of two sovereign nations." 

"People make the mistake of thinking we are anti-British just because we don't want to share a head of State with Britain.  Wanting a democratic nomination and selection process and wanting a New Zealander to be New Zealand's head of state is not anti-British. It is simply about looking out for the best interests of all Kiwis regardless of where their family comes from. Fair play is a very British value" 

"The visit is over but we will just carry on spreading the word that reform is needed" he concluded.