Reporters keen to hear our plans

Our latest poll results will be released tomorrow and the news media have been contacting the campaign interested to know what we think of the impending royal visit. Some have been disappointed to hear that we aren't too worried about it

Our campaign is a long term one. We want two referendums held on New Zealand's head of state and we want to win both referendums. A short visit by two members of the British royal family gets people thinking about why we still use the Monarchy to supply us with a head of state but it does not change our campaign's long term goals. Our eyes are firmly on the bigger picture and our plans are all contained in our policy statement.

The royal couple are celebrities and, whether or not you see much sense in that, it is a fact that there are people who are quite looking forward to seeing them in person. Being interested in seeing royality in person and supporting a New Zealand head of state are two different things. It is quite possible to do both. Naturally we question whether spending so much money on the visit is worth the investment from a PR perspective and we question how useful it is to over-hype the event but our main aim is to let as many New Zealanders as possible know that there is a better way to do things. We are not advocating for any kind of 'celebrity head of state' as we don't think it helps our democracy to prosper.

Nothing the royal visitors do while they are here will solve the ongoing head of state problem. The clothes they wear and the places they visit are interesting to some but only a clear and well thought out reform process will deliver results for Kiwis. New Zealanders are quite capable of choosing their own head of state and the poll results out tomorrow show that interest in using the monarchy is beginning to wane.