Harre supports Head of State reform

Newly appointed Internet Party leader Laila Harré supports having a New Zealand head of State. She argued in favour of reform on TV3's The Vote last year. You can watch the entire programme online here or read the transcript here.

In Part Two of the programme she made it clear " this debate isn’t about how we feel about the Royals, or any particular Royal, it’s about how we feel about ourselves as New Zealanders"

Support for change exists across the political spectrum and it is heartening to see yet another party leader looking to make the change. Laila Harré is not in parliament yet but her willingness to address the issue and articulate the core issues marks her out as someone willing to work with any person who shares a commitment to improving our Head of State.

New Zealand Republic is not aligned with any political party and we are actively working to ensure all political parties have a clear policy on New Zealand's highest public office. A New Zealand Head of State needs to symbolise and represent the interests of all New Zealanders regardless of who they are, whether they vote and who they vote for.