Post visit and the debate continues

The royal visit has come and gone and, as expected, it increased discussion as to how best reform our head of state. 

While the carefully choreographed visit led to an outbreak of royal hyperbole from some it is unlikely to have had much effect on how people address the far more important question of democratic reform.  Royal celebrity and the personal popularity of any one person is not really what the debate is all about. It is about the principles and practices underlying New Zealand's highest public office.   

Kim Gillespie Editor of the Rotorua Daily Post made his views clear with his succinct editorial Time for a Kiwi Head of State. Herald Deputy Editor John Roughan reiterated his ongoing support for royal celebrity while Gordon Raynor , writing in The Telegraph, pointed to just how carefully arranged the royal appearances are in his article Why Duchess wore red in Wellington

Police dog puppies may have the cute factor, America's Cup yachts might look impressive but we need a head of state who lives in New Zealand and who isn't concerned about always looking good in photographs. The role is more important than being popular and being seen in all the right places. If anything it is about casting aside the trappings of celebrity and glamour and remaining connected with all New Zealanders regardless of their lifestyle or income level.

Our campaign carries on irrespective of who is visiting New Zealand.  Help us make it happen. Be part of creating a new era in New Zealand democracy.  Be part of creating a New Zealand republic.