Anzac Day: Remembering the fallen

Anzac Day is for remembering those who died in the service of their country. It is for honouring and remembering the suffering of those who have endured the misery of war.

From April 25th 1915 onward, a terrible trauma spread across Aotearoa. Suffering and grief was felt in every corner of New Zealand as family after family realised they would never see their loved ones again.  Throughout the nation the true horror of war became fully evident. 

There are many reasons why the men went to fight at Gallipoli and in all the wars and battles since. They did it for 'God, King and country', they did it for for the empire. They went with a sense of duty , they longed for adventure. Some went because they were fighting for "freedom and democracy". Many simply went because it was expected of them. Some went because they lacked the courage to say no. 

Regardless of why any person went to war, it is not for us to judge what their personal motivations were.  

Today is simply a day to acknowledge that irrespective of why they went to war they paid for it with their life.  They went and they never came back. 

Today is a day to remember  We do not forget those who died and we honour and remember all of those who suffered because of war.